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Torch-on Waterproofing Services in Sydney NSW

We perform a wide variety of Torch-on Waterproofing Services to Commercial, Residential and Strata companies
Torch On Waterproofing Services
Torch On Waterproofing Services Image
Torch On Waterproofing Services Image
Torch On Waterproofing Services Image

Sydney Torch-on Waterproofing

Why Torch-On Waterproofing is the best option for your property

What is Torch-On Waterproofing?

Torch-on waterproofing is a highly effective and durable technique to protect your roof against water and damp.

In essence, a waterproofing membrane is applied to flat, smooth surfaces. This membrane is made out of extremely sticky and viscous organic liquids, with bitumen as the key ingredient. The surface must be sound, primed and completely clean before application.

The membrane is then applied by being “torched on” or heat-fused to the the underlying surface. This creates a powerful watertight seal.

This technique is often used on flat roofs to prevent water leaks, but it can be used for a variety applications in both residential and commercial buildings, such as roof slabs, balconies and patios and foundation or retaining walls.

Why is it so effective?

Totally waterproof: The bituminous membrane does not absorb any water at all, making it a resilient barrier to water and damp.

Tough: The membrane is reinforced with polyester or fiber glass and is available in several thicknesses. The material itself lasts for a long time.
Flexible: All structures experience some level of movement and the membrane is flexible enough to adjust to this.

Versatile: A number of mineral finishes allow you to adapt the appearance of the waterproofing to your structure’s style.

Eco-friendly: To top it off, it’s non-harmful to the environment. Bitumen is a non-toxic, organic hydrocarbon (created from crude oil) and it does not generate greenhouse gases.

Easy installation: An experienced contractor can complete torch-on waterproofing in good time and with low noise pollution. Be assured that the fumes given off in installation process are not harmful to human health either.

Is it time to waterproof your roof?

Torch-on waterproofing is very effective and it is environmentally-friendly. To enjoy the full potential of this technique, it is crucial to have the right team who will use the best materials and prep surfaces correctly for seamless adhesion.

Remseal Waterproofing is qualified and equipped to do small or large-scale torch-on waterproofing projects.

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