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Over 43 years in Waterproofing & Remediation

Remseal is an expert leak detection and waterproofing company that offers a unique end to end service, specialising in both the diagnosis - testing of remedial water leaks and then offering a full spectrum of waterproofing repairs. Our waterproofing specialists carry extensive experience in all waterproofing services.

What this means is that the people that find and diagnose the water leak issue can also provide the best waterproofing solution and service. All our waterproofing experts are qualified in all sectors of water leak detection diagnostics.

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Remseal only use Australian approved products suitable for the Australian climate
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We specialise in waterproofing for the following sectors

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Protect your building assets with our advanced waterproofing systems.

We provide competitive pricing and superior workmanship warranties that have helped our commercial waterproofing business grow over the years to one of the most trusted commercial waterproofing businesses in the city.

Our experience and commercial waterproofing services offerings have permitted us to be one of the trusted commercial waterproofing companies of choice for some of the most prestigious clients in our region.
Remseal Strata Waterproofing specializes in existing or new buildings. We analyse the requirements and the specifications of each building to determine the best waterproofing solution.

Our years of expertise can easily find out where a leak originates. You can be sure that all of our applications and strategies will be fully compatible with the building or any infrastructure you have. We always proceed with the most important process of applying new sealant and joining new membranes with existing membranes.

Hire Remseal specialists and never worry again about your building assets today!
Our civil site team work within the requirements of the RMS & independent schedule tables to keep services within the area of rectification.

Application & services carry 20-25 years manufacturer guarantee.

The technological advantage allows us to provide the service up to 30% faster than our competitors.

Our services are in accordance with Building code of Australia and the Australian Standards. Civil waterproofing requires experience and high knowledge in structural waterproofing areas. Remseal technicians have conducted the below services along tunnels, bridges, sub-road, & pier structures.
No matter how new or old your home is, your basement can be vulnerable to leaks and water damage. Whether it’s a slow, steady drip or a new issue that arises suddenly due to a heavy downpour, there are highly effective waterproofing systems that you can rely on to repair the existing damage and prevent any future issues.

While there are many home improvement projects that you can complete successfully on your own, basement waterproofing should not be one of them. Instead, you should turn to our team of experienced waterproofing experts who can offer targeted, affordable solutions that will help you take full advantage of our patented waterproofing systems.

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