About us

Remseal is an expert leak detection and waterproofing company that offers a unique end to end service, specialising in both the diagnosis - testing of remedial water leaks and then offering a full spectrum of repairs.

What this means is that the people that find and diagnose the water leak issue can also provide the best waterproofing solution and repair.

Our Mission and Values

Sam Merza, is the CEO and the passionate hands on owner who has over 23 years experience in the building industry.

Starting in the domestic space and then moving into corporate remedial waterproofing and construction across NSW, Sam is the go to guy for large complex corporate problems across NSW.

Sam is a big believer that correct preparation and application is the biggest prevention of waterproofing issues in new construction, followed up by proper detection and diagnosis being essential in remedial waterproofing.

We are Waterproofing professionals

Remseal are known for their investigative skills in finding defects in buildings and structures that many other companies simply can’t find, across residential, commercial, and civil sectors giving them a clear application edge.
43 years of experience

43 years of experience

New building

Remedial leak detection specialist

Detect and repair

Latest forensic equipment

Quality material & finish

Leak Warranty Guarantee

Leak warranty & guarantee

Remseal is known for their versatility, being able to work on small residential waterproofing projects such as bathroom waterproofing, leaking showers and leak detection, through to rooftop, injection, core drilling, basement waterproofing for large scale commercial buildings, industrial units, hospitals, hotels, and much more.

Our team of experts

The Remseal team are made up of a group of highly skilled and trained individuals with various plumbing, construction, and building trade backgrounds, who all share a joint goal, to:

  • Thoroughly investigate all water leaks
  • To use experience, latest equipment, and knowledge to diagnoses water issues
  • To come up with the best, most suitable fix, repairs, and solution that are long lasting, but also as economical as possible.

Remseal pride themselves on their results and exceptional customer service with a guarantee on the work they provide.