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Remseal provideWaterproofing can be best described as the process of making a structure or object waterproof or water resistant so that it remains unaffected by water penetration or absorption...

Waterproofing is particularly important in buildings, homes, indeed anywhere that water should not penetrate through to cause any damage, places that include:

  • Interior spaces such as basements, floors, showers, wet areas, walls, and more.
  • Exterior places such as roofs, concrete joints, balconies, planter boxes, retaining walls, building foundations, windows, glass, and much more.

Common types of waterproofing services include:

  • Basement Waterproofing: Preventing water seepage and leakage in basements to keep them dry and usable.
  • Roof Waterproofing: Applying waterproofing materials to roofs to prevent water infiltration and leaks.
  • Bathroom and Wet Area Waterproofing: Ensuring proper waterproofing in bathrooms, showers, and other wet areas to prevent water damage.
  • Balcony and Terrace Waterproofing: Protecting balconies and terraces from water penetration to avoid structural damage.
  • Foundation Waterproofing: Installing waterproof barriers around foundations to protect against groundwater.
  • Concrete Waterproofing: Applying coatings or sealants to concrete surfaces to make them waterproof.
  • Retaining Wall Waterproofing: Waterproofing retaining walls to prevent water from affecting the soil and causing damage.
  • Swimming Pool Waterproofing: Waterproofing swimming pools and water features to prevent leaks.
  • Tanking Solutions: Waterproofing below-ground structures like cellars or underground rooms.
  • Joint Sealing: Sealing joints and gaps in structures to prevent water infiltration.
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Waterproofing benefits

Reduces erosion & damage

Suppresses algae growth

Extends lifetime of asset

Improves structural integrity of properties

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