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Water stops are a device or construction material that is designed to bar, stop the passage of water through concrete structures. Water stops can be created at the time of formwork, prior to concreting or in the case of fixing water leaks, added externally using various materials and techniques..

Remseal use a variety of Water Stop types and applications, being highly trained to understand and then use the best solution for each project and need.

Water stops some in a a few materials and types and these include:

  • PVC Waterstops.
  • Bentonite Waterstops.
  • Urethane Waterstops.
  • Metalic Waterstops.

Water Stops are mainly used for the waterproofing of below grade concrete structures that include:

  • Concrete joints
  • Tunnels
  • Water treatment facilities
  • Parking structures
  • Marine structures

Water Stops for construction joints

Water Stops are highly demanded in locations where the construction joints are common:

  • The transition area between the horizontal and vertical concrete components.
  • Long length wall areas, where two or more formwork is required for casting situations when concrete placement is paused or stopped for some reason where a change in design form is required for the design elements.
  • The construction joint is also referred to as cold joints which occur when the before placed concrete cures earlier than the adjacent one. These are the most likely areas which can result in water ingress. In most of the cases, the construction joint is not actually formed. But, a construction joint, like the control joint, is introduced in order to facilitate the shrinkage caused due to large displacements.
  • Most of the below-grade concrete structures have conditions that result in the infiltration of the water into the construction joints. To prevent such leakage, water Stops are introduced into the construction joint. Water Stops have proven best for such infiltration issues observed in the construction joint.

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Benefits of using Water Stops

Corrosion resistant

High waterproofing performance

High waterproofing performance

High pressure resistance

Stops damage to surfaces and property not meant to be wet.

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