Expert Leak Detection Sydney: Reliable Water Leak Solutions

Detecting a leak in a building or property can be a difficult time consuming exercise particularly when the leak is hidden, or not overly apparent as to where it is....

Leak detection is an investigative exercise that draws on past experience, a logical mindset, along with using the very best equipment available.

Remseal are known as the leak detection experts providing a wide range of leak detection services carried out across New South Wales.

With extensive experience within the remedial waterproofing industry, Remseal technicians haven’t found one single leak that couldn’t be identified and then fixed. From a leaking shower to a leaking rooftop, Remseal is the leading waterproofing company that can do both services.

Leak Detection Investigation

It all starts with detailed investigation taking the needed time and using the next equipment that includes:

  • Thermal Imaging
  • Moisture readings
  • Micro Camera Investigations
  • Infrared detection

Conducting a leak detection diagnostic exam can determine the exact water ingress areas that have occurred either due to poor workmanship, wear and tear, or weather related reasons, with all waterproofing leaks are examined individually.

Leaking Concrete Rooftops

Leaking concrete rooftops are one of the main specialities that Remseal thrive on finding. It all starts with the team of technicians investigating all areas of damage caused by the leaking rooftop, prior to attending the main rooftop area. On completion of the investigation, a detailed report is supplied illustrating a step-by-step scope of works on the findings of the leak detection.

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Are you having a leakage problem?

We have the tools to locate and identify the main cause, and with our extensive experience we provide the best waterproofing solution that lasts.

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Why you need leak detection inspection on your property

Reduces the risk & chance of any critical damage to structures

Fix the problem first time, not wasting time and money

Asset protection

Decreases maintenance costs

Reduction in the cost of insurance

Provides for a safe working or living environment.

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