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Leak detection investigation for Hotel

Performing special diagnostic and identifying water ingress with concrete cancer in a hotel building.

The Problem

Remseal were engaged to perform special purpose diagnostics to the presidential Suite located on level 9. High levels of delaminated concrete located along the north eastern elevation ceiling resulting in the formation of concrete cancer. Testing was undertaken on the complex.

We have been instructed to inspect and report on the water ingress to the level 9 penthouse room ceiling and walls, & surrounding areas.

Location inspected

  • Presidential Suite – Level 9
  • Level 10 restaurant
  • Ground floor, front entrance masonry walls - south elevation
  • Basement levels 1-4
  • Level 11 roof top surrounding areas

Our Investigation


Various defects were identified and above are the detailed summary of the general defects. Although visually identified, no destructive inspection methods were carried out. A number of relating issues identified are of a structural nature and will require an engineer’s recommendations to identify the extent of the defect in line with an experts witness report and scot schedule. From the investigation diagnostics, we have identified water ingress possibilities leading to the presidential suite from the above suspended concrete slab penetrations & core hills. Several sprinkler pipework along with water pipework had not contained any fire collars or capping covers to prevent any excess penetration. From the (3) days of testing, we are of the opinion the causes of the concrete cancer are as follows;

  1. Lack of penetration collars to pipework
  2. Reinforcement fixed dyno bolts not spliced or sealed with zinc coating
  3. Missed core holes not patched with suitable repair mortar
  4. Existing reinforcement rebars not spliced or treated after concrete pour
  5. Masonry walls lack suitable flashings along termination of top coarse
  6. Water penetration through sandstone façade

Suggested Solutions

On the 14th April 2016, rain had commenced from 10am – 2pm. At the time of investigation, we had not identified any water ingress from the presidential suite leading as the main cause of the concrete cancer formation. We are of the opinion that several factors had contributed to the cause of the concrete cancer leading to the presidential suite to be zoned off till remedial rectifications have been carried out.

Due to the magnitude of the hotel, Remseal had also identified further water egress & ingress along with concrete cancer/spalling located on B3 & B4. We highly advise to conduct further testing to identify these structural defects before the formation of the cancer extends to further structural elements.

Remseal highly advises as a safety precautionary to zone off the presidential suite till the rectifications are completed & signed off by an engineer.

The above repairs are to be carried out by a suitably qualified contractor and design elements by a suitably qualified Engineer. Various components may require re-design to assist in water flow such as courtyard roof, Stairwell glass roof and various details prior to the commencement of works.

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