Parramatta, NSW

Rectifying existing waterproofing membrane

Inspect and investigate the existing conditions of the waterproofing membrane along the two rooftops, common areas, & nominated units.

The Problem

We are instructed by Michael Antonakiou to attend the site 13-21 Great Western Highway, Paramatta NSW, to carry out a non-invasive investigation and produce a written technical report.

This report is based visual sightings & readings taken by the technicians throughout the duration of the inspection.

Our Investigation


After conducting visual inspection for (4) independent events, several building defects evidentially require rectifications. Both rooftops require a remediation membrane system by removing the existing membrane & installing a sufficient new membrane UV system. All cracks require a polyurethane injection along with new installation of a mechanical seal for parapet terminations. Falls to be corrected with leveling compound as best achievable as possible. Parapet capping’s to be installed using a Colorbond trim to protect masonry from any future ingress, along with the installation of an elastomeric paint system on remaining walls.
We advise the following additions to be repaired:

  1. Weekly/fortnightly tree debris clean & maintenance to prevent blocked drains
  2. Installation of gutter guards or drainage mesh along drains
  3. All brick parapets to be rectified by elastomeric paint scheme, & colour capping flashings
  4. All flashings along adjacent post rooftops to be replaced with pressurised flashings/seals.
  5. Bird wildlife prevention methods to be installed to prevent future decay of any timber trims/linings

Suggested Solutions

Brick Parapet repairs

All parapets inspected contain high mould, efflorescence, and vegetation, which illustrates high levels of absorption. The installation of a colourbond capping is highly required as further moisture will continue to track too the below structures causing delamination, moisture ingress, deflection of substrates.

Roofing flashing repairs:

All unit separate rooftops contain only adhered flashings not recessed brickwork flashing systems. All flashings are required to be replaced with parapet flashings or overlapped flashing recessed into brickwork.
All areas to be pressure cleaned, filled with a polyurethane mastic along joints, coated with a (2) part epoxy based priming agent such as ARDEX WPM 300. 3 Coats of WPM 310 which is suitable for all concrete external substrates. Re-coating scheme to be conducted per 7-8 years. Installation of a mechanically fixed pressure seal to be installed along the Fibre cement lining with a 100mm turn up.

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