Professional Leaking Shower Repairs in Sydney

One of the most common reasons or causes for leaking showers is building movement that causes damage to the grout between tiles, eventually causing damage to the waterproof membrane, and then the walls and floor joints behind this.

Left unfixed, a leaking shower will cause significant damage to a home and building.

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Are you having a leakage problem?

We have the tools to locate and identify the main cause, and with our extensive experience we provide the best waterproofing solution that lasts.

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Why you need to not only fix leaking showers but also Waterproof the interiors

Reduces erosion & damage

Suppresses algae growth

Extends lifetime of asset

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What causes showers to leak?

How does Remseal identify the source of a shower leak?

What is the typical process for repairing a leaking shower?

How long does it take to repair a leaking shower?

What steps can I take to prevent my shower from leaking in the future?