Concrete Waterproofing Sydney: Durable Protection for Long-Lasting Structures

Concrete waterproofing is a essential key element in sustaining a waterproofed, leak free structure. Once the concrete has taken its necessary curing time of 28 days, a waterproofing membrane coating must be applied instantly. During the curing time, all concrete structures begin to expand & contract moisture, once formed, it immediately contain its structure upon its initial pour state. All concrete waterproofing membranes carry sustainable factors of elongation, memory, thickness, & adhesion.

As the leading waterproofing professionals in Sydney, Remseal conducts a free investigation prior commencement of any waterproofing membrane service.

Indeed concrete is found in many places across a variety of property types from floors, walls, rooftops in apartments and commercial buildings making concrete waterproofing an essential and important practice.

Types of Waterproofing techniques and materials that Remseal are experts in:

  • Cementitious waterproofing
  • Liquid waterproofing
  • Bituminous coating waterproofing
  • Torch on bituminous membrane
  • Admixtures waterproofing
  • Crystalline admixtures
  • Polyurethane waterproofing
  • PVC sheet membrane
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Are you having a leakage problem?

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Concrete Waterproofing benefits

Reduces erosion & damage

Suppresses algae growth

Extends lifetime of asset

Improves structural integrity of properties

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