Bathroom Waterproofing Sydney: Professional Solutions for Leak-Free Bathrooms

Bathroom waterproofing involves applying a physical barrier to the floors, and walls or a bathroom to prevent moisture leaking and penetrating into the home structure, causing extensive damage.

Bathroom waterproofing is first done at the new home construction stage, where a membrane is applied to the walls and floor prior to tiles being laid. Remseal uses the highest quality products, followed up by expert workmanship that ensures bathrooms remain waterproof and safe from  damage to property. All internal wet areas must be done in accordance with AS 3740.

Remedial Bathroom Waterproofing

Over time and in some cases due to inferior workmanship or quality of products used, the waterproofing can fail with water leaks seeping through substrates and flooring, causing damage to adjoining property.

Many times leaks can be hard to pinpoint and require an expert bathroom waterproofer with experience and knowledge to locate and then provide a repair.

Remseal has an amazing history of locating any leak, and then coming up with the best repair in an easier way, and more affordably than many of their competitors.

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Are you having a leakage problem?

We have the tools to locate and identify the main cause, and with our extensive experience we provide the best waterproofing solution that lasts.

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Why it is important to Waterproof your Bathroom

Reduces erosion & damage

Suppresses algae growth

Extends lifetime of asset

Improves structural integrity of properties

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