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Polyurea Waterproofing Services in Sydney NSW

We are the leading company, excecuting the the region’s most advanced infrastructure projects.
Polyurea Waterproofing Services
Polyurea Waterproofing Services
Polyurea Waterproofing Services
Polyurea Waterproofing Services

Sydney Polyurea Waterproofing

Highly skilled elason/polyurea specialists. Remseal are the leading approved applicators by polyurea manufacturers.

We take full control of the building process and provide the most comprehensive warranty service.

Polyurea membranes are produced from fast setting, hybrid polyurea-polyurethane elastomeric waterproof membrane for concrete and steel in a wide range of environmental conditions. Applying any polyurea membrane must be processed through a pump valve spray machine along with experienced applicators that have carried out services prior.

Polyurea membrane system is most used for the below areas;

  • Roof tops
  • Retaining Walls
  • Tanking
  • Topping membrane
  • Facade Protection
  • Steel roofing
  • Planter Boxes
  • Concrete Pools

Major advantages-properties of all Polyurea based products

Ultra fast curing. Return to service or to further procession comes many times faster than traditional coatings. Gel time is achieved within seconds, allowing foot traffic after a few minutes, so the facility could be back in use in less than one day.

Impressive chemical resistance and exceptional mechanical properties like elongation, tensile strength, tear strength, abrasion resistance and crack-bridging ability. Almost no coating can compare to Polyurea when it comes to attainable physical properties.

Insensitivity to humidity during application. Polyurea is hydrolytically stable so relative humidity or residual moisture have little to no effect on adhesion or coating performance.

Thermal stability to temperature variations. Weather variations hardly influence coating performance or adhesion properties.

Solvent free, consisting of a 100% solids formula. Polyurea products are considered environmentally friendly.

Rapidly applied with a special two-component, high-pressure and temperature spray machine.

Monolithic, seamless membrane after curing. Polyurea membranes have high resistance even to heavy mechanical or chemical loads. Furthermore these membranes are vapour permeable, preventing moisture accumulation.
Applicable also on vertical and curved surfaces. Complicated architectural structures and details can be coated in almost any desired thickness, without sagging.

Relatively unlimited application thickness in one pass.
Good adhesion to a variety of different substrates (concrete, metals, wood etc.) even under high humidity and extreme temperatures.

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