What sets Remseal Apart from its Competitors

Remseal poses over 37 years of combined experience across various trades,
What really defines Remseal as a Waterproofing Specialist is a combination of many factors
The first being our team comes from a background of Remedial constructions, this advantage means we have seen the worst of the worst, we have first hand experience and knowledge of everything that goes on behind the seen of a building site and have experienced first hand the issues that can arise from under qualified trades, Poor workman ship.
Remseal have become Defined as an all rounder specializing in all aspects of Waterproofing, Remedial construction and leak Detection.

As a business we pride ourselves on supporting our local community and Australia as a whole, Which is why we only source and use local made products, Remseal have developed a long lasting building relationship with company’s like Tremco , Ardex, Sika, Duratech, BASF, Bostik, & Westox.
We pride ourselves on providing all our clients with a quick and stress free process, we have developed a system that is proven to work this includes a Leak Detection both Pre and Post works,
Firstly to ensure the areas we are working on are going to rectify the issue, whether it be a leaking roof, external roof leaks, Internal wall leaks, Bathroom leaks, or Balcony leaks.
Secondly we provide minimum warranty of 10 years, Hence the reason we conduct a leak detection at commencement of works, we want you to be stress free and free of leaks for the next couple of decades.
To Remseal Waterproofing is not just job or an occupation, to us it is a craftsmanship, 80% of structural damaged cause within Homes and commercial properties are failed waterproofing related.

How to identify shower leaks?

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There is nothing worse than realizing that your shower is leaking and possibly causing damages to your home. Leaking showers if left unattended cannot only cause damage to the bathroom but can also lead to damaging all connecting flooring, timber framing, or even structural load bearing frame works. Luckily we are able to provide all customers with the following step-by-step guidelines on how to identify a leaking shower:

Step 1: Inspect the bathroom door frameworks & architraves for any swelling or paint peeling

Step 2: Inspect the opposing walls for any skirting swells or bubbling plasterboard

Step 3: Access ceiling void or below sub flooring & look for any signs of mold, blistering, residue, & nests

Repairing leaking showers can be repaired within 48 hours if conducted by Remseal and be used straight after completion. Once one of our waterproofing leak specialists


Why Waterproofing fails occur? 


Many waterproofing failures occur in several applications due to the below points;

  1. substrate conditions
  2. application methodology
  3. climate
  4. damages after application
  5. curing times

The above points are the most common reasons why a waterproofing system has failed or due to fail. All manufacturers produce a separate data sheet for each individual product, to provide the applicator all information to the application processes. All data sheets along with MSDS must be read/understand by the waterproofing applicator prior to applying the product, thus allowing the proper procedures to be in accordance with the manufacturers requirements.

How to identify leaks and faults in a balcony?

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Leaking balconies are one of the main causing failures throughout Australia that lead to catastrophic structural damages. How to identify that your balcony is leaking must be only investigated by a leak detection specialist. All symptoms of a leaking balcony carry similar characteristics by the below points;

  1. discoloration
  2. mold build up
  3. swelling of paint/finishes
  4. loss of adhesion to adjacent finishing
  5. water ingress
  6. water egress

The above points are the commonly known symptoms that occur with a leaking balcony, not to mention the obvious symptom of all, “water coming through a penetration or light fitting”

Liquid or Sheet membrane?

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Both liquid and sheet membranes serve several different purposes within the construction industry.

Regarding the options of comparison from a liquid applied membrane to a heat applied sheet membrane, we at Remseal will always stand by the heat applied sheet membrane over the liquid applied membrane applications if made possible. Liquid membranes do serve their purposes of applications in several substrates, however, the possibility of nominating a sheet membrane will always be the waterproofs 1st choice of installation. For external surfaces a sheet membrane has the capability of sustaining higher weathering conditions, traffic-ability, bedding or topping strength, & less chance of any puncturing or damages throughout the construction period. Liquid membranes are a cheaper waterproofing option than the sheet membrane system due to the installation/labour component and supply, thus warranties on sheet membranes are between 15-25 years were the liquid membranes are between 7-10 years warranty.
Being remedial specialists, majority of the defective waterproofing we have experienced are within the higher end of a liquid membrane failure. Finding a sheet membrane that has failed or suffering from egress/ingress seepage is a rare commodity that lies upon exceeding the age of 25 years. As waterproofing carries a high responsibility to any building structure, we carry a duty of care to advise the best practice possible to achieve the optimum results in all applications, thus we will always nominate the most suitable practice within our experience of works. Liquid membranes compared to sheet membranes cannot be measured in all comparisons as all products serve different purposes to different surfaces/substrates. However, a highly experienced waterproofing contractor will always prefer a sheet membrane system to external areas, knowingly that it’s very unlikely to fail compared to a paintable/roll-on membrane.