Welcome to Remseal Pty Ltd.

We specialise in all areas of waterproofing, remedial services, concrete repairs, civil services, protective coating, grouting and flooring systems. We have solutions for a variety of water penetration problems, and it comes hand in hand with over 37 years of quality experience. As one of the industry leaders within New South Wales, our guarantee of the quality workmanship cannot be matched.



Waterproofing is vital in all buildings to stop water and moisture from entering the structural areas of the building and causing damage.

Leak Detection

Remseal has added leak detection to its main list of services as water damage equates for 80% of all dwelling related defects.

Remedial Services

Remseal offers a vast range of services within the construction industry; our main specialty is within defective repair


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Our affected leak prevention & leak detection services, will identify the leak along with a step-by-step quotation illustrating all stages of repairs. Remseal also take out the hassle of having to source and screen through several trades to complete several repairs that maybe required at the one given property or project.

We also use state of the art job management software which with one click all details and history of the job can be tracked and reported, resulting “customer satisfaction”. Our Services vary from bathroom renovations to roof top coverings. All Remseal staff carry extensive experience in waterproofing applications & remedial services.

Our services


  • New construction
  • Renovations
  • Service all strata management
  • Consultants
  • Builders
  • Engineers
  • Civil
  • Residential
  • commercial

How we work?


    All Remseal products are Australian Made & only produced in Australia matching our climate & work abilities.​ Remseal Pty Limited also project managers the works from start to finish with all trades monitoring throughout the rectifications. We provide our client’s with weekly updates, investigate any additional damages.




"very impressed with Sam & his team"

testimonial 1
My husband and I were very impressed with the professionalism of Sam and his team. They were very helpful and fixed our balcony to a very high standard. Sam explained every step of the process. We would be happy to recommend Remseal to anyone.   Sam and his team have been doing repairs at my investment properties for the last 2 years. I have nothing but gratitude for Sam and his boys as they really go above and beyond in all the aspects of their work. I've contacted Sam all hours of the day and never had him not return my call if missed. Seing the bad review below clearly is a competitor trying to knock a hard working Aussie company that actually puts their clients needs first. We always use Remseal for all waterproofing repairs and had never had an issue with them what so ever & will continue to do so in the future.   Keep up the good work remseal.

"We would definitely recommend Remseal"

testimonial 2
We had water coming in our basement after heavy rainfall which was getting progressively worse. Contacted Sam at Remseal who came out straight away and provided a quote and advice. We went ahead and once the job was underway it became apparent the job was much bigger than anticipated.   Sam spent his own time rectifying the issues, always updating us on progress and nothing was ever too much of a problem. He provided great customer service and we are more than happy with the job. We would definitely recommend Remseal.   Sam you and your team did a great job! Thank you