Waterproofing is the most vital element to all structures & dwellings. If the waterproofing application had not followed the guidelines illustrated in the Building Code of Australia or Australian Standards References 3740-4858, there are high chances that it’ll be a matter of time till failures begin to occur.  Majority of water seepage and waterproofing failures tend to begin showing signs of ingress or egress through several measuring methods. All Remseal waterproofing contractors carry the expertise to identify these defective systems using non destructive diagnostics. As one of Sydney’s leading waterproofing contractor, all Remseal site personnel are fully trained, licenced, certified, and insured to carry the expertise in all waterproofing services.   From a standard leaking shower to a underground negative capillary affect, we will track it, trace it, & repair it with a detailed report beginning from the commencement to the completion.  Our superior waterproofing services has made Remseal one of the industry leaders in waterproofing and remediation servicing all areas within the Sydney to South West region. All internal waterproofing services carry a minimum warranty of 10 years which is an additional 3 years from the Office of Fair Trading (OFT).

Waterproofing Services

Remseal prides itself in providing professional waterproofing and water related repairs to the construction and remedial building industries working within residential, commercial, justice, industrial, retail, health and aged care, community and education sectors. Our company provides flexible end to end solutions to construction and property managers in reducing the cost of management and damage caused by many common water related problems.​ Remseal Pty Ltd uses all heat applied sheet membranes, liquids, cement based applications most suitable to the areas we advise that is required. Due to our growing team, Remseal conducts all packaging to new construction from residential, commercial, retail, healthcare faculties, Educational, & standard government enterprises.

Sheet Membranes have been around for over 70 years and keep excelling in Research and Development by our Australian Manufactures. The two or three layer torch on waterproofing system carries the performance, temperature tolerance, and durability to withstand several surfaces along roof tops, podiums, under slabs, basements, terraces, balconies, planter boxes, & tanks. Remseal Pty Ltd is one of few waterproofing torch on specialists that is able to apply the sheet membrane to vertical areas exceeding over 3 meters in height. All Remseal applications are initially trained in sheet membranes prior to any liquid form application, being of the highest caliber product, we strive to provide our clients with the most superior results providing a minimal of 15 years-25 years warranty. Liquid Membranes vary from the polyurethane roll on system to the epoxy coating trowel only system. Both Liquids and sheet membranes both carry a high importance in the waterproofing industry as both elements are designed to conduct several different ideologies. Damp proofing applications are highly critical within the remedial industry as it prevents a damaged external damp proof coarse to not only prevent water ingress but to also allow ventilation throughout the cavity or spacing.

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Roof top waterproofing is the most critical applications to any external/outdoor area. If the coating system hadn’t complied with the substrate surfaces or exposure to weather, there is a high possibly that it’ll cause defective seepage in the near future. Roof top waterproofing and balcony waterproofing is on of our specialties being that our waterproofing specialists are experienced in high end remediation, new construction, and strata rectifications. Sydney weather carries one of the most highest ultra violet (UV) in the southern hemisphere, therefore all products must comply with the Australian Waterproofing Institution. External waterproofing & Concrete waterproofing must be conducted only by a waterproofing specialist that carries the experience in not only waterproofing but also remedial waterproofing repairs. Remseals’ senior management carry a minimum of 20 years experience in the waterproofing & remediation industry. All leaks can be prevented by applying the recommended system to the nominated area. Sheet membranes are the most efficient waterproofing systems such as the torch on bitumen, and PVC Sheet membrane.