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Remseal Pty Limited has partnered with Grand Bathrooms with all bathroom renovations and remodelling needs. From tiles to faucets, there are no item we cannot provide with the highest quality in the retail market. Bathroom renovations improve the value of all homes/apartments keeping in the competitive real estate market. Remseal provides all types of bathroom renovation options to our customers whether its a budget renovation or a heritage Victorian design. Our state of the art smart phone application helps all customers choose their theme and designs from start to finish. Leaking bathrooms or leaking showers can be problematic to all homes especially when its the only bathroom available. Remseal provides if required our own temporary shower and toilet to be placed and installed by our tradesman’s prior to starting the job.



How To Identify A Leaking Shower?

There is nothing worse than realising that your shower is leaking and possibly causing damages to your home. Leaking showers if left unattended cannot only cause damage to the bathroom but can also lead to damaging all connecting flooring, timber framing, or even structural load bearing frame works. Luckily we are able to provide all customers with the following step-by-step guidelines on how to identify a leaking shower:


Step 1: Inspect the bathroom door frameworks & architraves for any swelling or paint peeling

Step 2: Inspect the opposing walls for any skirting swells or bubbling plasterboard

Step 3: Access ceiling void or below sub flooring & look for any signs of mould, blistering, residue, & nests


Repairing leaking showers can be repaired within 48 hours if conducted by Remseal and be used straight after completion. Once one of our waterproofing leak specialists inspects the leaking shower, they will provide a instant quotation emailed within minutes.

No Tiles Removal | Leaking Showers | Leaking Balconies

Our no tile removal procedure is quick and easy not to mention, it wont hurt the purse strings at all. Our non stressful leaking shower solutions are in our step-by-step guidelines:


Step 1:  Inspection by Remseal Leak Specialists

Step 2: Time booking inline with customers availability

Step 3: Removal of all flooring grouting and junction joints

Step 4: Application of cement based injection grouting and wall-to-floor joints

Step 5: Return following day and apply moisture barrier grout additive

Step 6: Clean bathroom and apply anti-mould joint silicon

Our leaking shower repair system not only comes with amazing warranty but also a even easier way of cleaning your shower.