Remseal offers a vast range of services within the construction industry; our main specialty is within defective repair rectifications such as waterproofing & concrete structures. Waterproofing is the key component to any structural surface, if failures occur prior or during application, the system will certainly fail in due time. Remseal Pty Ltd carries out the below applications:


Remseal provides an effective solution to concrete cancer – something most buildings will suffer from at some point in their lifetime. Regardless of the quality of the original construction, nothing lasts forever, and every building requires a little TLC from time to time.

Concrete Spalling

Concrete Cancer

Epoxy Injection

Epoxy Coving

Masonry Crack Repair

Cathodic Repairs

Reinforcement Replacement

Cavity Flashing

Window replacements

Lintel Replacement

Render Repairs

Facade coating

We specialise in understanding these defects and how they occur, and as a result, can deliver high-quality rectification services for commercial and residential buildings. Concrete structures are regularly erected without complications, but defects can occur due to the particular environmental conditions during the time of construction. They can further result from the type of concreting procedures used.

To determine which repair method is best when dealing with concrete cancer, it’s important to identify the cause of the defect to ensure that repairs are effective and to prevent the problem from spreading. At Remseal we can repair all types of defects and will ultimately restore the value and safety of your home or commercial property.

What is concrete cancer?

Concrete cancer occurs when the steel reinforcing inside the concrete rusts, causing it to expand and to displace the steel around it. The more the concrete is displaced, the more water gets into the steel, resulting in further rusting and thus exacerbating the problem. The expansion of the steel ultimately causes the concrete to delaminate and results in spalling, so it can be a very serious problem.

What is spalling?

Spalling is where the concrete initially cracks, and then starts to break away. Spalling weakens the strength of the concrete making it dangerous as pieces of concrete fall off and could potentially injure people underneath.

What causes concrete cancer?

Concrete cancer can start in a number of ways. These include:

Using poorly treated reinforcing steel when the concrete is poured Having the ends of the reinforcing too close to the surface so water can get to it Using incompatible metals (this causes a reaction) Having fractures in the concrete.

Whether you have signs of concrete failure, a leaking roof, or concerns about structural problems, Remseal will inspect your structure and identify any issues. We’ll then relay the cause and extent of any problems, and explain clearly how we can fix these, for your ultimate peace of mind.